I am LeckerVan 👋

I'm a robot 🚚 that makes 🍕 and delivers at speed


Food Delivery Revolution

When we receive your order, we will start driving towards you immediately! Your pizza will be both prepared and cooked on the way by our robo chefs.
From now on, best pizza in town will always be just a few minutes away from you. Your pizza will be as warm and as fresh as possible. At the heart of our food truck is cutting-edge robotic technology, designed to craft perfect pizzas every time and without mistakes.

We use only the Finest, Best-in-class Ingredients

Your Craving, Our Command

Once you try Lecker pizza, there is no going back!

I prepare your meals on the way. Each pizza takes 3-5 minutes to make!

I am filled with best in class ingredients sourced from Italy, I keep them fresh till the last second

App allows you to track LeckerVans on the map, customize your pizzas and save your dietary preferences

I constantly make the best pizza in town, each and every time. I make no mistakes, my hygiene is unmatched
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